Goody Sicilian Pistachio Cream 190 g

Goody cream with Sicilian pistachio “Gusto”.

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The Sicilian Pistachio Goody Cream is an extraordinary taste experience that celebrates the uniqueness of Sicilian pistachios. This delicious cream embodies the authentic flavour of high quality pistachios, coming directly from the suggestive Sicilian region.

Its composition involves the use of 40% natural pistachios, guaranteeing an intensity of taste that captures the very essence of the pistachio. The addition of 10% Sicilian pistachio further amplifies the richness of flavour, creating a perfectly balanced combination between the two types of pistachios.

The sweetness is brought to the cream thanks to the addition of sugar, which enhances the natural taste of the pistachios without ever overpowering them. Extra virgin olive oil (Evo) is the final ingredient that binds everything together, giving the cream a silky texture and a hint of roundness.

This Goody Sicilian Pistachio cream is much more than just a dressing. It is a tribute to the fertile lands and the Mediterranean climate that give Sicilian pistachios their exceptional quality. Each tablespoon will transport you directly into the vibrant atmosphere of the island, while the rich and enveloping flavour envelops you in an irresistible taste embrace.

Ingredients: Natural pistachio 40%, Sicilian pistachio 10%, sugar, EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE oil.

Expiry date: 24 months.

Nutritional values per 100 g of product: Energy: 2361 kJ / 567 kcal Fat: 37 g of which saturated fatty acids 4.79 g Carbohydrates: 43 g of which sugars 39 g Fibre: 5 g Protein: 14 g Salt: 0 g

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